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Moroccan Art Street : Mogador’s Walls

“Mogador” known now as “Essaouira”, is a western coastal city in Morocco. The relatively new name “Essaouira” came from the Arabic word “ Sur or Suur” which means “ Rampart”, reason why I choose this particular city to start this series of “Moroccan Art Street”.  It is also very important to mention that “ Essaouira” is a UNISCO World Heritage listed city, as an example of late 18th century fortified town.

I will definitely blog about my latest trip and all the valuable information I leant, where I stayed, ate and some other tips.

Back to our unframed art, that some do consider vandalism, since most of these Graffiti’s or Guerilla’s Art are not commissioned but somewhat a free way to express beauty, love, hatered, belonging, and many other social relevant themes.

Let me share with you now some of Essaouira’s best StreetArt …

" Hayat" means life or simply the name of a beloved girl :)

"Hayate" life in arabic also a girl'd name ... maybe somebody is in love...Photo Credit to: Abderrahman Amazzal

For those who never visited Morocco, it is definitely a cat world.

For those who never visited Morocco, you should know that morocco is a Cat world. Photo Credit to: Abderrahman Amazzal

Smiling Hamps ...

Smilling humps :) Photo Credit to: Abderrahman Amazzal


Graffiti ...Photo Credit to: Pinterest

Typically Essaouira Blue, rebel and deep

Simply Essaouira, blue, rebel and deep.Photo Credit to: Pinterest

The late musician mohamed Guinia .. the details of this mural is stunning.Photo Credit to: Pinterest

Best for last ... a unique way to express the frustration of immigration, the two continent ... the struggle between North and South. By the talented  Giacomo Bufarini AKA RUN.

Best for last, my favorite by far, a unique vision of immigration, the struggle between two continent, south and north by the talented artist Giacomo Bufarini (aka RUN). Photo Credit to: Pinterest

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