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Blue Pearl of the north, Chefchaouen

Green, Green everything is green no wait blue, blue everything is blue…

One of the things I love the most concerning morocco is the diversity in its cities, whether in landscape, architectural, costumes or food.

Today’s visit is taking us to the Blue Pearl of the north; a small town perched in a sea of greenery, against a dramatic backdrop of the grandiose Rif Mountains, it is the town of “Chefchaouen” or as we, the local, call it “ Shaouen”.

During the forced Muslims and Jewish immigration by the Christians from Spain towards Morocco, many choose to settle in “ Shouen” and to help themselves they brought with them elements of their homeland, including the green color for their doors and lower parts of their walls, may be to feel home again. Yet, when the bleu pigment was introduced to the market, they start changing from green to blue. Still there is other another story behind the choice of blue color, it is that the blue is to get ride of mosquitoes, apparently they confuse it with water.

 It is also the capital of Hash in Morocco, so don’t be alarmed if somebody approaches you to sell you some, a simple firm “No” will suffice or a simple “yes, please” will also do the trick loool. Nevertheless, It is a peaceful town, one of the safest in Morocco, may be thanks to a certain local herb lol

If you are like me a lover of photography, and you dream about taking those perfect amazing vacation photos, which you can proudly share on your facebook wall! Well, you found the perfect town; every single photo you will take here is going to be just perfect … the magical bleu walls, doors and small paths are picture-perfect.


  • Arabic followed by Spanish then French are the most used languages in the north, English is also spoken in touristic spots.
  • For that perfect photoshoot, have with you a cute little white dress; it fits perfectly with the bleu background.
  • I don’t advice to spend more than 24 hrs there unless you are looking for serious shilling time, or you are a hiking fanatic. Another options will be to settle in Tangier and have a day trip, a day is more than enough to discover the town.
  • Get a photo in the local outfit ( see the photo below) it costs less than 1$
  • Cascade d’akchour is a wonderful cascade hidden in the riff mountains, and perfect for a swim, definitely worth a visit, however please bear in mind that the hike there is not an easy one for beginners, and will take between 1,5 to 2,5 hours depends on your hiking skills. Pss: take your water and snakes with you, everything there 3 times the price if not more.
  • My favorite place to eat is Beldi Bab Ssourt, I find it true to the sprit of the region, and it so relaxing to eat there, my second favorite place is Casa Hassan, I would suggest it to friend sand family as a second choice.
  • Last tip would be, it is very safe so just lost yourself on the pathways and enjoy.

 blue city of chefchaouen, in the north of Morocco not far from tanger and tetouan

The view from the road when approaching the town. ( this photo was taking during the month of August, the nature is more beautiful during spring)

the architecture of old medina of chefchaouen is basic and very earthy, influence of amazigh and moorish architecture.

The blue heaven ...

doors are beautiful, and this shade of turquoise is stunning. City of chefchaouen in Morocco

50 shades of bleu ... turquoise is the new blue :) 

Local outfit, so stylish and practical to protect you from the sun. Fashion in Morocco

A selfie with the local outfit ... 

Coffe in the city of chefchaouen in Morocco, so relaxing and calm.

A small break in this little caffe, i don't know the name, but we called it "Wifi Coffe" since there is a big sign " WIFI" when we asked him about the internet, the owner said " Oh no, we don't have it now" lool we still enjoyed our Orange juice and coffee.

AtlasSecrets basket, i wish i had one of my rugs for a photoshoot here. Beniourain rug or Ourika would look amazing in this decor.

My Atlas Secrets Basket is with me wherever i go :) ...  wish i had my rugs for a photoshoot here ;( 

my sister and me at the farmer house, we try to stay at local's houses rather than hotels. Try it instead of hotels, motels and riads.

Please ignore the pose lool clearly we were not planing to take a photo, My sister and me at a farmer's house, we try to stay at such places instead of hotels. The house was very clean, you eat with the family you talk to them, i strongly advice it. You can always go through the tourism office for adress of the houses that are registered with the ministry of tourism.

Wall full of hats ... i think i need one, it could be trend2016

Hats on the wall, hats on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all ... i think i should get one, it could be the next trend :)

a brunette in a northern moroccan hat :)

Yup i did take one ...  good bye 





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