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Rugs Or Arts?

One of the most important characteristic of art, at least for me, is not creativity nor beauty but rather Freedom. Art is to have the freedom to express your feelings into a painting, a dress, a perfume, a status or any other forms of art.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to Art, and the same rule applied when it comes to interior, and especially rugs. I wanted to share with you today another way to showcase your beautiful rug, you know what I am talking about, that rug that you obsessed about and you wanted to have but you can’t see it in any of your floors. As I said Art is Freedom and rugs are not just for floors but for walls too. 

I honestly feel some of the rugs, particularly the vintage ones, are too valuable to be placed on the floor, but on a wall they certainly add a lot of warmth, color, live and character.

With a frame or without … horizontal or vertical …. Entrance hall, the bedroom or your living room .. The call is simple yours. 

I hope you can find inspiration in these photographs.

Boucherouite Rug for a bright look.

An black & white Azilal Rug for a neutral look.

A multicolor Boucheruoite rug on a dar colored wall.

Some Beniourain are just too pretty to be used on as floor rugs :)

A framed lilim rug for a more classical appearance.

Source of the photos: Pinterest.

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