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How To fill My Moroccan Pouf?

I have received numerous emails from clients and friends inquiring about the same question; How To fill My Moroccan Pouf? And how much material is needed to fill my Pouf?

Hence, the decision of writing this articles to help as much as I can fulfilling this demand.

So, depending on the feel and weight you seek to achieve below are few options on how to fill your new Moroccan pouf.

Polystyrene: Bean is the first option of felling that comes to mind, and it is a good one. They are easy to use, available in all big supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Amazon etc

TIP: I suggest to use a linen kind of bag to fill it with bean before placing it inside the pouf and continue filling it, to avoid the beads wandering off. It has even been suggested to use a linen/cloth type material to line the interior of the ottoman.


Foam: Foam is also a good filling material; it will give your pouf a light yet firm feel. You can easily find it on Ebay, Amazon or you local carpet shop. Please use shredded foam.

Recycling: Yes, you read it right. Any old unwanted sheets, towels, cloths etc is a cheap and environmental way to fill your pouf. Or other items that you want to store, for example I filled my poufs with things that I need to keep like my curtains that I don’t need in my new apartment but I will definitely need in the future.

Cotton blend: such as lofted wadding is a perfect choice for those who are planning to use the pouf a lot, as it will give it a hard feel.

Coconut fibers: is another solution and it is opposite of the cotton blend, so you will have a lighter pouf.


Newspaper is not only a source of information J it is also a wonderful option to fill your pouf.

I always suggest to mix materials when filling your Moroccan poufs. I personally fill my poufs with a mix of beans, old cloths ( my curtains ) and newspaper to give it more firmness.

You will notice that even if you are happy with the feel of yor pouf, after using it, the material will start to compress and you will need to add more material.

How much is sufficient?

Ok, this question is very difficult to answer, because simply there is no precise answer. As we all know the Moroccan poufs do come in many shapes/ volume also how firm you like your pouf to be.


To fill My Square leather Pouf (photo below), which is approx. 18 inches sided cube, you will need a 3.5 cubic ft bean. If you seek a firmer feel you can use newspaper in the middle.

 Square Moroccan Genuine Leather Pouf

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