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Moroccan Straw & Wool Vintage Rugs

The Amazigh artisans reached out to nature for material for their rugs, such as natural wool, coton, etc and they also used and mastered the art of straw waving and started mixing different elements to produce remarkable rugs.

 Hassira Straw Moroccan Amazigh Rug

These rugs are very resistant and are perfect for indoor and outdoor settings.

 Hasira Straw Handmade Moroccan Rug

This particular vintage Hassira ( Also called Hssira or Hasira) is made by the artisans of Beni Sadden/ Ait Sadden Tribe. An Amazigh tribe near the city of Fes, the word Sadden came from the Amazigh Word Assed, which means “ Light”, “those who are enlighten”.

 Hasssira Straw Moroccan Rug


Only few artisans kept this savoir-faire going, and unless this art is rescued we will be deprived from enjoying these rugs.

Vintage Hassira Moroccan Rug - Ethnic

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