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Rugs & Symbols, A fertility Prayer

Azilal Vintage Rug

We all appreciate the Moroccan rugs with their beautiful colors and intriguing geometric designs and we often wonder …

We wonder about these signs, are they a simple expression of an artistic vision or are they really some kind of coded language?

Many do believe that the signs are the story of Amazigh tribes and its people. However, I believe it is more of a personal narration, a story of the wonderful Amazigh women, their struggles, hopes, dreams, prayers and more... Each rug is a true feminine saga. A kind of a time line that reflects events, feelings and occasions throughout the duration of the weaving of the rug. If the rugs were only about the history of the tribes then they would have been all similar, while we know that each rug is different and unique.

We could trace a rug to a certain tribe based on the colors, size and patters and from there we can trace it to a particular house. Each woman has her own style and distinctive pattern that she transmits across generations, from her to her daughter.

This why we could interpret from the signs used if the woman who waved it was still a young girl, virgin, married, pregnant etc

Weaving, poetry and music were and still are the only means of communication and expressions for these proud women and they use them to tell their stories and show their savoir-faire.

Azilal Vintage Moroccan Rug

This rug is basically a fertility prayer, a women struggle to conceive and succeeded or hoping to succeed so she waved a positive ending to her story hoping it will be real.

I found the book "Berber Carpets of Morocco" by Bruno Barbatti a great source for decoding symbols found on Amazigh/ berber rugs.  Below are some of the meaning i took to decode the above rug.


beniourain vintage rug

Vintage Beniourain Rug


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