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How to take care of your Moroccan Wool Rug?

Moroccan Wool rugs are very resilient yet delicate rugs. If you take care of your Moroccan rug and showed it the love it deserves it will re-pay you back and last for generations. Since there are many types of rugs i.e. Azilal, Ourika, Hanbel, Handira, Flat kilim, Beniourain, Zayan Red rugs, Boucherouite etc, there are also many ways of taking care of these different types. Yet, some care tips are valid for all.  Color Avoid direct exposition to the sun, but if it is not possible then try to rotate the rug every week/month to even the fading and to look uniformed. Dusting The enemy number one of wool rugs is dust. Dust and dirt affect the fibers of the...

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FAKE Beniourain Rugs ... Sad story

I had in mind to clear this matter and I wanted to blog about it for sometime now. I really get frustrated to see some very respected Interior Designers publishing projects with Beni Ourain Rugs that look so neat and so perfect in both colors and motifs, in other words so, so Industrial. Let me be clear these are not genuine Beni Ourains, they simply cant be, by definition, the Beni Ourains are not to be perfect in all angles... I needed to set the record on this matter and I am doing it now... No doubt, the "Beni Ourain" rugs are the most popular among the Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) carpets. They are named after a confederation of seventeen Amazigh...

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