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Why you should't buy Imitation Moroccan Rugs.

The Moroccan Amazigh rugs are unique and inimitable; this uniqueness is due to the richness and diversity of Morocco’s history and the artistic know-hows of the Amazigh women that are very connected to their ecosystem and grew strong bound with earth, and wildlife.

Amazigh Women Artisans working on virgin wool to start the wave of a rug

Photo credit: Azddine Gaiz

Their profound connection and their affinity to freedom shows in the spontaneous expression of feelings and mind-states in their rugs; their objects of proudness. 

azilal amazigh moroccan amazigh rug vintage

Many shops out there, promote and sell fake Moroccan Amazigh rugs, and each rug sold is an offend towards the Amazigh artisan women. Rugs made in India, china, and other countries by machines and workers trying to copy the famous Beniourain, Boucherouite, Azilal, Ourika, Zayan and other rugs that are named after the Amazigh tribes.

These pieces of art are as inimitable as the paintings of Van Gogh, Goya and others are, no matter how the copy is precise and well copied, it will never transmit the feeling of the artist/ artisan, nor the beauty that the lack of symmetry and unplanned irregularities.

The primitive symbols embodied are their not only to beautify the rug but to also tell a story, their story.

Azilal Vintage Moroccan Amazigh Rug

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