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Moroccan Leather Poufs Ottomans
Moroccan Leather Poufs Ottomans
Moroccan Leather Poufs Ottomans

Camel Square Moroccan Ottomans / Poufs New Design "Free Shipping!"


Dimensions (Approx): 50cm x 50cm x 40cm / 19.7in x 19.7in x 15.7in

For a Custom Order, please contact us for a quote
Color: Camel (Mid-dark brownish)
Stunning Square Poufs - This shape is very unique and the combination of colors and imprints.
I created this item with the help of a couple of master artisans from whom I learned a lot about the traditional leather craft. The leather used is a premium goat leather well known for its durability, grain uniformity and flexibility.
What makes this Pouf hard to coy by others is:
- Unique design: The dimensions and The fact that each panel is made of one single piece of leather makes it very hard to produce and still sell at my selling price. Goats are not big on size and 6 panels of flawless 50x50cm goat skin sell for more than the selling Price of the pouf. How I managed to do it is my trade secret
- The Leather panels are supported with a special inner layer that gives it more support and helps is maintain it's square shape once filled.
- Finally, The color of the Poufs is very special and it took a long time to nail it with my Artisans. We called it "Almond". It is a dye that works only on the Goat skin and the skill of the artisans during the traditional dying process is what gives its special characteristics. It changes tones depending on the type and intensity of the light. It ranges from mid-dark orange to mid-dark brown. With time, the leather will gain more in darkness and no 2 poufs will age similarly.
This item is available for custom order (Change in dimensions, colors, imprints...)
(The indicated price is for one Pouf)
(Poufs are sold unstuffed)