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Moroccan Leather Bench "Free Shipping!"
Moroccan Leather Bench "Free Shipping!"

Moroccan Leather Bench "Free Shipping!"



L: 65cm / 26in
W: 35cm / 14in
H: 45cm / 18in

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Unique Moroccan Moorish Bench comprised of a Leather Pouf Made with the exact same superior materials as my Square Poufs/Ottomans and a Wood frame beautifully decorated. This is a unique item to my atelier. It comes in many colors mainly the brown and black shades shown in the attached pictures. The Pouf is sold stuffed so there is no need for you to stuff it after purchase.

Flawless Leather panels are sourced from the traditional tanneries of the city of Fes. These are then dyed manually through a specially developed process to obtain this specific color. The panels are then cut into different size panels and then sewed to a strengthening inner membrane. The upper panels are stamped with the special motifs before all panels are sewed together. The wood frame is beautifully carved and assembled together entirely by hand.