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Colorful Tattoo - Azilal Authentic Handmade Wool Rug "Free Shipping!"

Colorful Tattoo - Azilal Authentic Handmade Wool Rug "Free Shipping!"

Dimensions: 6'5" x 4'2" (Feet) / 200 cm x 130 cm
Stunning Rug from the region of Azilal in the outskirts of the High Atlas Mountains. The region is internationally famous for its Specific rug designs and Vintage rugs from this region are scarce and the demand for them keeps increasing year on year. It is a gorgeous thick, soft and fluffy rug.
This rug is a "One of A Kind" art piece. The motifs are absolutely stunning. The Amazigh (Berber) women that did weave these rugs never intended to sell them. They were made to be displayed in their houses to showcase their Mastery of the ancestral weaving technics that they learned from their mothers. The motifs are not symmetrical and they change from the bottom up. The reason being that these rugs took months to weave and thus, they reflect many aspects of the household life. When going through the motifs from the bottom up, we can make our own stories about what these women were thinking when they were weaving, if they were relaxed, stressed, happy or not feeling well... We can even stipulate when another women was helping her in weaving the carpet if we notice a change in the execution style. These piece of arts a read like a beautiful painting.